Deezer is launching a preview for its Windows 10 apps


Deezer is one of the nicest and most popular music streaming services in Europe and has traditionally come preinstalled on a few Windows Phones in the UK. It offers 35 million tracks, over 30 million radio channels and allows you to take music online.

While it has not yet been updated to a UWP as many other apps have been, Deezer has now announced a preview of its Windows 10 apps for both Lumias, Surfaces and other Windows devices.

We don’t know exactly what changes the universal app will bring over the current app available in store, but we can surmise that there will be support for continuum, better support for scaling so you can choose the size of elements on the screen via the display settings, and it certainly will be faster and more reliable.

Unfortunately for some eager beavers, this preview isn’t available for all Deezer users, only users who are making use of Deezer’s paid services will be eligible.

If you’re interested in trying out the app and are eligible for it, head to the source link below and sign up for Deezer’s preview.