Death Stranding is getting an important announcement soon

by Ash
May 27, 2019

Death Stranding, the mysterious PlayStation 4 game from Hideo Kojima that may or may not just be a front for Kojima to hang out with Mads Mikkelsen, is apparently getting some sort of announcement on May 29th.

The official Kojima Productions Twitter account tweeted out an announcement that ‘the countdown of Death Stranding has started… May 29th’.

The tweet also came with the ominous message “Create the rope” which, knowing Kojima, could mean literally anything.

The most likely scenario is that on May 29th, we’ll probably get a vague release date and/or a gameplay trailer. It’s also likely that any gameplay footage we see will just serve to confuse us even further.

There’s also an extremely small chance (and we mean extremely small) that Kojima will pull a Kojima-esque stunt on us and just drop the entire game. However, that chance is literally minuscule, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

Back at the end of March, we reported on how Death Stranding had hit an ‘important’ development phase. Kojima confirmed that the game was at a playable stage on the PlayStation 4, but wasn’t even at the debugging stage yet.

May 29th is only two days away, so we won’t have to wait long to see what’ll happen next. We’ll keep you updated when we find out what’s going on, so make sure to check back here on the 29th!

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