Deal Alert: Rawer raw image file editor for Windows Phone 50% off


Pureview Flagship Lumia Windows Phone devices like Lumia 950 supports capturing RAW images, meaning you are o longer subject to the decisions Microsoft made about how much sharpening, saturation and other important picture elements you have in your photos.

Editing raw images however normally means taking your photos to a desktop. Rawer however is an app which allows you to edit raw files on your phone on the go. The app lets you open them, view, check EXIF info, edit, save and share in full size. You can open files from your phone, SD card or email attachment or from OneDrive or from any other app. Once you open them, it features all the following basic edit features, including:

  • Contrast
  • Resize, Rotate, Crop
  • Brightness
  • Shadows and Highlights
  • Exposure
  • Saturation
  • Temperature
  •  Sharpness
  •  Hue
  •  etc

The app also supports editing RAW images from stand-alone cameras such as Sony, Fujufilm, Nikon and Canon

Rawer is now on sale for $0.99/£0.79, 50% of its usual $1.99 price.

Grab the deal while it lasts in the Windows Store here.

Developer: Victor Kiselev
Price: Free