Deal Alert: Pre-order the Nokia Lumia 930 with free wireless charger for only 499.99 Euro



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Microsoft’s RRP for the Nokia Lumia 930 is 599 Euro, but we are already seeing lower prices from a variety of sources.

The best price we have seen so far however is’s price of 499.99 Euro for the handset, a full 100 Euro cheaper than Microsoft’s prices.

To make the deal even sweeter PDAShop are also throwing in a free wireless charger, with the only fly in the ointment being that they only expect the handset to ship on the 19th July, more than 3 weeks from now.

If that does not trouble you too much read more and grab the device at here.

Thanks D.Rahanmetan for the tip.

Update: XiTrade is offering the handset for 474.29 Euro, with out the “free” charger, with around the same shipping date.  See that offer here.

Thanks Florian for the tip.

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