Deal Alert: PAXCESS cordless robotic pool cleaner offers 19% discount today!

May 17, 2022
PAXCESS cordless robotic pool cleaner on the pool side with details of specs
PAXCESS Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning your pool from leaves and other small debris can be challenging without emptying it completely. Apparently, you can’t do it often, so maintaining the water clean from such bits of litter is a must. You can count on the skimmer nets to manually remove them, but it can mean a huge amount of effort and time. If you want to make things more automatic for you, we suggest underwater robot vacuums. One exceptional deal to consider now is the PAXCESS cordless robotic pool cleaner, which is now on sale at, allowing you to save more than $70 today.

Maintaining your pool clean doesn’t have to be so hard. The PAXCESS robotic pool cleaner can make that happen through its systematic cleaning route, allowing it to clean the entirety of the pool surface. (It can even climb pool slopes slanted up to 15°!) What’s more, it is cordless, so there are no hose or cords to mind. In just a single charge, it can last 60 to 90 minutes at a maximum speed of 16m/min and cover a maximum of 100? inground pool space, thanks to its 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery. It charges four to six hours into any 110V outlet to get full, and its battery is secured within its body with an IPX8 waterproof-grade design. Nonetheless, users are advised to ensure the charging port is clean and dry before charging the unit to prevent corrosion. 

The PAXCESS cordless robotic pool cleaner has a bottom brush to sweep small to medium-sized debris and pull them toward the two large suction doors of the machine. The cleaner’s built-in fine reusable filter will then keep the debris inside its collection tray. It can trap leaves and dirt or sand (filter capacity 180µm) while letting the filtered water flow out of the machine for more effective thrust and movement underwater. The nozzle of the pool cleaner can also be adjusted from 0° to 40° for a more effective pickup of fine objects, and it is safe for all pool types, such as concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools.

Using the PAXCESS cordless robotic pool cleaner is a cinch as it is automatically programmed to start cleaning as soon as you turn it on after putting it underwater. It is lightweight at 12.1 pounds, so even the aging users won’t have a problem putting it into the water or hoisting it out of the pool. Further, it has a floating handle to allow you to spot it anywhere in the pool. Once finished or before its juice runs out, the robotic pool cleaner will park at the side of the pool for easy retrieval. Then, you can simply remove the tray to dispose of the collected debris.

The PAXCESS cordless robotic pool cleaner is currently offering a 19% discount through Amazon with options for additional treatment solutions. For more information about the deal, click here.

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