Deal Alert: Microsoft’s 12 days of deals include $250 off the ASUS Zenbook and HP Spectre x 360

It’s Day Six of Microsoft’s 12 days of deals and this time Microsoft is slashing prices on Windows 10 Signature Edition laptops sold in the online Microsoft Store.

Today’s deals include up to $250 off the  best and most premium Windows laptops the likes of the HP Spectre x360, Dell’s XPS 13 and the ASUS Zenbook. These devices are featured in Microsoft’s premium collection and have been giving rave reviews. The Dell XPS 13 for one has a near bezel-less screen and long battery life, and the HP Spectre x360 has been praised for its beautiful design and sturdy build quality.

Here’s what’s being offered:

As stated above, these devices are all signature edition PCs, this means that they are free of bloatware and possible extra vulnerabilities and come as Microsoft intended them. This deal runs all day today and expires at 11:59 Pacific Time, so you’ll have to be quick.

Planning on purchasing any of these discounted Windows PCs? knows know in the comments below.

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