Deal Alert: Duex Pro add-on laptop monitor 20% off

by Surur
February 17, 2021
Duex Pro Portable Monitor

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With work from home being with is for many months longer, your laptop screen may be starting to get cramped. For many, this means an external monitor, but not everyone has desk space they can or want to dedicate to a home office.

One solution is Duex Pro, an external USB monitor which attaches magnetically to the back of your laptop, and which can then be extended as needed to offer much more screen real estate.

The DUEX Pro features a 12.5” Full HD 1080P IPS Display with 300 nits brightness.

It is compatible with USB Type-C and Type-A laptops, Mac, PCs and works via the DisplayLink protocol.

It offers a full 270° rotation, with the option for a 180° presentation mode, is easily detachable and can even be mounted on its own stand.

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The DUEX Pro range is currently on sale at Amazon, with the older version now only $220.14 ($58.85 off) while the very latest version (which can be stacked for a potential 3 screen laptop) $279.99 ($20 off).

Check it out here and here.

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