Anthem is to BioWare what Fallout 76 is to Bethesda. However, the main difference is that Fallout 76 has managed to get somewhat back on its feet as time has gone on, while Anthem keeps running into delays and failing to meet expectations.

The backlash toward Anthem has been nowhere near as large or as vocal as the backlash toward Fallout 76, but trust us, it’s there. This Kotaku article does an excellent job of breaking down just how BioWare managed to get Anthem wrong.

However, if Anthem’s poor start doesn’t faze you or if you just like getting games at a discount, then great news! Best Buy is selling all three versions of the game for just $29.99, meaning you save an entire $30. You could even buy two copies!

Just know that if you buy it and realise you don’t like it, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. Because we did.

You can get the Xbox One version here, the PlayStation 4 version here, and the Windows PC version here.

Anthem is an online multiplayer action RPG that was released back in February 2019. You play as a Freelancer, a mighty adventurer clad in a robot exosuit, known as a Javelin, who vows to protect humanity.

The main story of the game follows the player after they’re asked to stop The Monitor, an extremely powerful and evil villain, from seizing control of the incredibly important and mysterious Anthem of Creation.

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