Dead Rising 4 crosses 1 million players on Xbox One and PC

According to Capcom, Dead Rising 4 reached 1 million players. The game has been out for 4 months so it’s great to see it crossing a significant milestone. However, what would’ve been more impressive are sales figures. The fact that the game reached 1 million players means that the sales count is significantly lower because players include gamers who bought the title new, used or simply tried it on a friend’s machine or during the free Xbox One trials which unlocked the full game.

Dead Rising 4 received a mixed response from critics and gamers alike. Many felt that it wasn’t the hardcore experience they loved in the prequels. This may have led to a decrease in sales, not to mention the fact that the game is only available for one console. Despite all that, 1 million players is a respectable figure and ensures that the franchise will get sequels for many years to come.

Capcom don’t need to reinvest the gameplay, they just need to offer a better narrative when it comes to single-player experiences. That’s the only way to garner critical acclaim which translates to sales. For example, look at Forza Horizon 3. While it’s a different genre, the fact that the game scored 90 on Metacritic is one of the reasons why it continues to sell so well. Hopefully Capcom will realize this for the inevitable Dead Rising 5.

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