Microsoft’s Edge Canary gets the Dark Mode in the New Tab Page

by Rahul
August 13, 2019

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Microsoft is currently testing their Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser with Edge Insiders. Adding features and offering fixes is a part of the plan in order to make sure that it becomes a fully capable browser with all the important features before they release it to the public.

One of the focus areas for Microsoft is everybody’s favorite, the Dark Mode. It not only requires improvement but also needs to make its impression throughout the browser. In other words, the Dark Mode needs to be better than what it is today and should also appear throughout the browser.

And from the looks of things, it appears that Microsoft is committed to bringing the best Dark theme experience in the new Chromium-based Edge browser as Microsoft has recently expanded the Dark Mode support to the NTP(New Tab Page) of the Edge browser. However, those who are on the Edge Canary version are seeing the change only.

Previously, the dark mode was available on the flag page, Settings, History, Downloads, and Favourites page of the browser.

Note, you don’t need to put any extra effort into making the dark mode appear on the Settings, Downloads, History, and Favourites page.

The process of switching to the Dark Mode in the Edge is easy to follow. You’ll need to turn on the system-wide Dark Mode, and to do that head over to Windows 10 Settings>Personalization>Colors and scroll down to “default app mode” and select Dark. Edge is instructed to follow the OS preference and hence changing the OS theme to Dark also make the Chromium Edge appear Dark.

To enable it via flag you can follow the below steps.

  • Open Edge and head to edge://flags/#edge-follow-os-theme
  • Now click on the drop down menu on the right side and select “Enabled”.

  • This should prompt you to relaunch the browser. Click on “Relaunch” and you will get dark mode on Edge.

The Dark Mode inconsistency, however, is still prevalent. For example, the Interstitial warning page of the Microsoft Edge browser is yet to receive the dark mode treatment.

Source: u/Leopeva64-2

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