Daimler selects Microsoft Azure for its global big data platform


20, 2019

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Daimler AG is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Its business requires processing enormous amounts of confidential, business-critical data. Daimler built its own on-premise data platform to handle the data, but the platform didn’t offer the flexibility and scalability required for large data projects. To solve this problem, Daimler has now partnered with Microsoft to build a cloud-based global big-data platform named eXtollo based on Microsoft Azure. This new Azure-based platform enables employees to exchange data quickly while Daimler can still control and encrypt access to the data.

“We launched the idea of eXtollo in workshops with Microsoft in January 2018. Then we went live for Europe in April. It was a three-month exercise and a lot of the time we spent validating concepts. We went live in the U.S. in October and later in Asia. So, we have in nine months of almost-global coverage. It was lightning-fast. Cloud is really bringing us the speed and the flexibility to do that,” said Guido Vetter, head of Daimler’s Corporate Center of Excellence Advanced Analytics & Big Data.

This Daimler story is an another example for Microsoft’s new-age partnership where Microsoft not only sells its products, but also helps its customers in solving their problems. In this case, Azure product owners at Microsoft directly interacted with Daimler’s architects in solving the issues. You can learn more about this story from the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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