Cyber Dust coming to Windows 10 as a universal app soon


Cyber Dust, a Snapchat alternative on Windows Phone will be coming to the desktop as a universal app soon. In a new “dust” to users, the company confirmed that they’re “waiting for Windows 10 to be released”. Here’s the full statement:

“Windows users, the update is coming soon. We want to wait for Windows 10 to be released. When it is you will be able to use Cyber Dust not only on your phone, but anyone and everyone with a Windows 10 desktop or laptop will be able to use CD as well!”

Unfortunately enough, there isn’t much information on when the update is coming. However, we are assuming that the company will be releasing the universal app sometime soon after the release of Windows 10. Until then, discuss if you’re excited for Cyber Dust’s Windows 10 app in the comment section below and keep an eye on our website for the latest news on Cyber Dust, as well as Snapchat.

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