Cross-platform MoliPlayer Pro bring wide video format support to Windows Phone



While we have all been sitting on a thumbs waiting for VLC to eventually come to Windows Phone, Moli Time Technology has been porting their own video player, MoliPlayer Pro to the OS.

The app, which has more than 100,000 downloads on Android, claims to be able to play almost everything, including RMVB, AVI, MKV, FLV, FLAC, APE etc…

The app is also able to play video stored in your Camera roll and your SD card, and will let you transfer video wirelessly over WIFI from your PC.

The app features:moliqr

  • Plays almost all VIDEO formats: avi, mkv, mp4, h.264, rmvb, wmv, flv, ts, m2ts, and vob. etc.
  • Plays almost all MUSIC formats: aac, mp3, ape, flac, and ogg etc.
  • Displays almost all SUBTITLES: embedded or seperate: srt, ssa, and *.ass etc.
  • MANAGES videos in folders
  • Easy wireless video transfer from your PC browser in WiFi network.
  • FAST upload from PC to the camera roll of the internal storage and/or SD card.
  • Easy GESTURE control, swiping for volume, brightness.

Early reviews suggest the app lives up to its promises, but can struggle with high bitrate HD video.

The app lacks a free trial, but the developer appears enthusiastic about supporting the platform, and is offering 25% of his original asking price of $3.99, and is only charging $2.99 to start with.

Read more and find the app in the Windows Phone Store here.

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