Could this be Motorola’s folding Razr? Updated with new images


21, 2019

Many months ago we posted on a variety of patents by Motorola for a folding smartphone.  Now those ideas have gained some momentum again after the Wall Street Journal reported that Motorola is set to release a folding smartphone under the Razr brand as soon as next month.

The best design idea we have of this device is actually these patents, which clearly show a very Razr-like device.

We can see the patent overcomes the issue of the crease in the folding screen by having a special hinge area with a large fold radius.

As can be seen, by the image above, the resulting device would actually produce a very credible 2019 update to the Razr brand, particularly if the non-hinge area ends up coming to a very thin Razr-like edge.

The WallStreet Journal says the device may hit a $1500 price point but as a speciality device, it may just be worth it.

Update: New, more recent images have emerged from a recent patent filing by Motorola dated the 17th December 2018.Uncovered by 91Mobiles, these show the iconic Razr design even better and also confirms the existence of an external screen.

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