Cortana might be getting a new UI interface for Notebook



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Recently we reported that Microsoft might be working on the new design for Cortana which looked a lot like the Spotlight feature on Mac devices. Now if Reddit is to be believed, Microsoft might be planning to revamp the UI interface for Cortana’s Notebook The new design looks a lot better and will go well with the new design for Cortana.

The new update might also bring Skills for Cortana as per the screenshot above. We don’t know how skills are supposed to work but we can assume it to be similar to that of Amazon Alexa skills. The screenshot also revealed the ability to order food and track fitness which might indicate to the abitity to add Apps like Zomato and Runtastic. The users can also add different music apps like Spotify and stream music directly using Cortana. This might be a good thing and sounds interesting for the future of Cortana as a virtual assistant.

We will have to wait for it to become official but for now you can head to the comments section below and let us know what you thing about the latest change from Microsoft.

Via: Reddit

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