Cortana can now learn your voice on Windows 10


Microsoft introduced Cortana on PC with Windows 10. Since then, the personal assistant has improved a lot. However, with future updates, the personal assistant will get even better. Although Microsoft promised to release a new Windows 10 build in February, the company hasn’t yet released any new update for users. Fortunately though, one of the latest Windows 10 builds, 10036 was leaked yesterday which packed couple of new UI improvements and some new features.

Now, one of the most subtle addition with the new build is Cortana’s new “Learn My Voice” feature. As you may already guess from the name of the feature, it basically allows Cortana to learn your voice. Here is how the feature looks like:


For starters, the feature can be accessed by going into Cortana’s settings – however, when I first opened Cortana on Build 10036, the personal assistant prompt me to try out the feature which is fairly nice.

If you’ve missed anything on Windows 10 Build 10036, make sure to check out this dedicated page. Did you notice any new feature on Windows 10 Build 10036? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

Via: WinBeta