Controversy brews over Surface Duo price match ‘debacle’



Yesterday Microsoft launched a massive $200 discount on the Surface Duo, which is, of course, great for new buyers, but left existing owners of the 6-week old handset seriously miffed.

Many of them have demanded Microsoft issue a refund to match the new price, but as Brad Groux discovered, Microsoft would rather you return the handset (which has a 60-day return window) and repurchase at the new lower price than simple credit you the difference.

In the end, it seems Brad did win out, and managed to get Microsoft to issue a credit.

Microsoft’s policy is both wasteful of the buyer’s time and resources, and generally wasteful in that it results in a second-hand device which will need to be refurbished.

The reasons are unclear, but hopefully, the ruckus will cause Microsoft to change their practice in the near term.

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