Control Any Windows 8 PC Using Tobii REX Eye-Tracking Technology



We have seen Gaze UI demo in the past which uses eye-tracking technology to control Windows 8 UI. Next week at CES, Tobii will show off its eye tracker product called the REX.

The REX is a strip that can be attached to bottom of your monitor in desktops or laptops and it plugs into a USB port. Along with the hardware , a special software called Tobii Gaze will help you to to track exactly what you’re looking at on the screen. For example, when you look at right corner of the Windows 8 Start screen, it should automatically scroll through the page.

Consumer pricing and availability haven’t been announced, but Tobii plans to offer 5,000 units to consumers before the end of 2013; for developers, however, a special edition (seen above) should be available starting today for $995.

Source: Engadget

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