Continuum in the Mercedes E-Class demoed on video

We posted recently on enterprise UWP app provider Icomedias showning off their HybridForms solution, designed to help make the police in Germany paper-less, hopping smoothly from the Surface to the HP Elite X3, and then via Continuum for Phones on the in-car display of a Mercedes E-Class.

Now Dr Windows have posted a video showing the solution in action.

YouTube player

The solution makes good use of all the components  – the touch screen and camera on the HP Elite X3 to record and annotate the accident in pictures and collect signatures, and then the larger screen and keyboard to enter more detailed textual data.  The data in the app is then instantly replicated via Sharepoint to other police officers.

The solution cuts the time to record an accident by half, and  Icomedias note that the solution is perfect for the police, because it allows them to unplug the phone and take everything with them, not leaving a trace of sensitive data behind.

Read more about HybridFroms at Icomedias’s website here.