“Continue on PC” now opens web pages on the Chromium Edge as the classic Edge is on a path to extinction

by Rahul
September 22, 2019

While many hold the view that browser war is over with Google as the winner, Microsoft is still pushing for more market share to reduce the gap. Switching to Chromium is a shining example of the fact that Microsoft is quite serious about developing a browser as good as, if not better than Chrome. Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge is currently in the testing phase and it appears that the project is close to being complete.

“Continue on PC,” a feature that lets you send web pages from your smartphone to your Windows 10 PC, now opens web pages on the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser instead of opening them on the old EdgeHTML-based Edge browser.

I’ve spotted the feature on Edge Dev and was thoroughly impressed with how fast feature works. I was quick to reach out to our Editior-in-chief, who is using Edge Canary, to find out if he too, is seeing the change. Turns out, the feature isn’t rolled out to everyone yet. It could also mean that the change is visible to Edge Dev users only. Either way, this change shows that the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is now capable enough to completely replace the classic Edge browser when it comes to “reliability.”

It’s worth noting that I haven’t changed the Edge Dev browser Settings to get it working.

Are you an Edge Insider? If so, try the “Continue on PC” feature and let us know whether or not it opens web pages in the new Chromium-based Edge.

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