Microsoft Teams Rooms feature the ability to share a video stream from a content camera. A Content Camera is a second camera connected to a Microsoft Teams Room PC which is used to bring additional content to a Teams meeting. While the content camera can be considered as a camera 2 for Teams meetings and used to focus on another subject or another view of the presenter.

On the Microsoft 365 roadmap Microsoft announced that they are bringing this feature to the Microsoft Teams desktop client also.

Microsoft writes:

Microsoft Teams: Content from camera

“Content from camera” in Teams enables you to share content from physical artefacts such as whiteboards and documents in a high quality and legible way during meetings. All you need is a laptop or PC with an in-built camera or with an attached USB camera. Educators can also share content directly from a document camera.

Microsoft has a special party trick when sharing a whiteboard when sharing Content from Camera, where they prevent the presenter from occluding the content on the whiteboard by making them semi-transparent.

Hopefully, this feature will also make it to the desktop version.

Microsoft expects to deliver Content from camera sharing in September 2021 worldwide to the Teams Desktop app.