With content credentials feature on Bing, Microsoft will slap identifiers on AI-generated images

September 21, 2023

Is Copilot the best AI companion out there? Help us find out by answering a couple of quick questions!

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is adding a new feature called Content Credentials to help users identify and track AI-generated images. 

As announced during today’s Microsoft Surface 2023 event, Content Credentials uses cryptography to add an invisible digital watermark to all AI-generated images in Bing, which includes the time and date the image was created.

The watermark is invisible to the naked eye, but it can be detected by software. This will allow users to verify the authenticity of AI-generated images and track down the original creators.

Microsoft Designer and Paint, which have recently received a new AI feature called Cocreator, will also support Content Credentials.

Speaking of the event, Microsoft came hot with a lot of exciting updates, despite missing key person like Panos Panay who announced his abrupt exit from the company this week. 

Copilot in Windows is officially getting a general availaibility release date on September 26th, just in time with a chunk of updates on the “best Windows ever” that contain over 150 new features

Did we mention that the latest DALL-E 3 is also coming to Bing AI Chat?

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