Confirmed: PlayStation has completely pulled away from handheld gaming

December 4, 2019
PlayStation 3 Vita

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Sony PlayStation has confirmed that the company has completely pulled away from handheld gaming.

Confirmed in the latest issue of the Game Informer Magazine, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan revealed that there are no plans for a new PlayStation portable system.

While many have been waiting for the next PlayStation handheld console – especially after the death of the underrated PlayStation Vita – Sony will not be creating a follow-up to the PSVita.

“PlayStation Vita was brilliant in many ways,” Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told the outlet. “The actual gaming experience was great, but clearly it’s a business that we’re no longer in now.”

Despite a story third-party library from predominantly Japanese developers, and an incredible indie library, Sony’s first-party offerings remained weak. With the company instead focusing on offering exclusive titles for PlayStation 4, the Vita was quickly left behind.

With Sony ceasing production of the handheld device earlier this year, an impressive eight years after its Japanese launch in 2011, the PlayStation Vita has finally been put to rest. With the Nintendo Switch reigning supreme on its lonesome, it’s disappointing that PlayStation are refusing to get into the handheld market again.

For some fun, check out this article on how Microsoft thought the PlayStation Vita would fail. I guess they were right? (I love the Vita, dammit!)

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