Concept image of tablet mode shows what Windows 10 has been missing

With Windows 10 Microsoft added a dedicated ‘tablet mode’ which allowed users with tablets and convertibles to use Windows 10 in an optimised mode for them. That being said, tablet mode hasn’t been meaningfully improved since the launch of Windows 10, and the lacking tablet ecosystem means it may not happen anyway.

The concept image was shared on Reddit by the developer who goes by the name “URBTechRoss”. The image shows a beautifully redesigned tablet mode that incorporates fluent design elements with Microsoft’s new modern style icons.

URBTechRoss explained his thinking as follows:

I had a couple of ideas the first was similar to Google’s Fuschia stylish where the whole of the page apart from the sidebars scrolls up, the other (which is what is implemented here) is for the top apps and notifications to always be there and the top apps change based on usage, incorporating cortana for a more productivity focused home screen. As for the start button, as this is the start screen it is just there for continuity like in the current version, however other apps will bring you back to this screen using it as per usual. I think more gesture support as well as making timeline a better experience would also be very good for a tablet mode.

It is quite unlikely we’ll be getting anything like this soon looking at Microsoft’s Windows 10 19H1 builds. On the other hand, the company is said to be rebuilding the Windows shell for foldable devices like Andromeda, and it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with at Build 2019.

Via: Windows United