Concept: I’m ready to forget Live Tiles if Windows 10 20H1 Start Menu looks this good

Windows 10 Build 8947, which was accidentally rolled out to all Insiders, confirmed that Microsoft is not only giving up on Live Tiles but also getting rid of them completely starting from Windows 10 20H1 release. The fanboy inside me didn’t like the idea of getting rid of Live Tiles. Although these are early days, the alternative to Live Tiles is probably the ugliest user interface I’ve ever seen.

But I’m hopeful that things are going to get only better from here as Microsoft has almost a year to polish things up. That said, users who are in deep love with the current state of the start menu might get some relief if and only if Microsoft absolutely nails the “alternative,” on which the company currently working on. I’m not sure about you, but I’m sold on the Live Tiles alternative that the below video shows. If Microsoft comes this close or produces something better, I don’t think I’ll ever miss the Tile interface again.

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What do our readers think about the new concept? Is this the best alternative to the Live Tiles? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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