Comprehensive HTC Touch HD review



GSMArena has given the HTC Touch HD a good going over, and what makes this 9 page review different from most others is that is was done by some-one obviously familiar with Windows Mobile, as it includes reference with 3rd party software like Gyrator and links to the XDA-Developers HTC Touch HD wiki.

They love the screen, commend the sound quality, and are very impressed by the 5 megapixel camera.

They conclude:

The HTC Touch HD is guaranteed to change the way people think of Windows Mobile. It is a bold and confident step, taking full advantage of all the hardware and software strengths and a worthy effort of addressing the weaknesses.

There are still quite a number of performance issues but the problems of Windows OS are far too deep to disappear overnight. Still, if modding and tweaking is your game, you can fix quite a lot of the issues that come out of the box.

But while this certainly isn’t a flawless phone, the results are impressive indeed. The multimedia power of the HD is immense, and only a touch away on that huge screen. The high-resolution camera and the tons of software available, make the HD a truly attractive package. And with looks like those – what more can you possibly want in a phone.

The great response and sweet thumb-optimized handling are remarkable (in WinMo terms) but that’s hardly an achievement of the Touch HD alone. The company’s headliner is the cutting edge of a consistent effort that started back with the HTC Touch and went sky-high with the Diamond.

The crown of that effort, HTC Touch HD, is now set on a path pretty much signposted by iPhone. Its driving inspiration has brought to the scene a capable candidate for a hefty bite at the apple.

Read the full review here.

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