Commonwealth Bank finally updating its two your old web app to a native Windows Phone 8 version




The Commonwealth bank of Australia were one of the early arrivals in the Windows Phone Store, with their app dating back all the way to 2011.

Unfortunately at the time it was just a link to their mobile website, much to the frustration of Windows Phone users, and has not seen any updates since.

That is all about to change, with the company set to launch a fully native version of their app today.

Some beta screen shots can be seen above, showing the app will support checking your balance, statements, make transfers, pay bills, and the usual collection of banking tools.

Unfortunately the upgraded version will drop support for Windows Phone 7 users, who will presumably continue to receive the older version of the app.

The app should go live in the next few hours, so keep an eye on the entry in the store here.

Thanks Nokia3660 for the tip and screen shots.

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