Commercial Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to join Department of Defence Teams meetings anonymously

by Surur
August 29, 2021

On the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft has announced that they will soon enable users to join meetings anonymously across Microsoft’s various security clouds.

This means Commercial Microsoft Teams users will be able to join Government Community Cloud (GCC) and Department of Defence (DoD) meetings using only a link, and vice versa, with the meeting host controlling who can enter the actual meeting.

Microsoft will be enabling this feature in three phases. First, Commercial and GCC customers will be able to join meetings in GCC-High and DOD clouds. Next, Microsoft will enable GCC-High customers to join Commercial, GCC and DOD meetings. Then, Microsoft will enable DOD customers to join Commercial, GCC, and GCC-High meetings.

The feature will start rolling out in October this year.

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