Commander Keen surprisingly returns in a new free-to-play mobile game


10, 2019

A new Commander Keen game is coming, but it’s a free-to-play mobile title.

Created by Doom creator’s id Software back in 1993, the classic platformer is back although

Billy and Billie are the son and daughter of the classic Keen. They’ll have to use a “kaboodle” of collectable card game contraptions to battle an alien threat.

Throughout the game’s story mode, you’ll fight through numerous OG Keen storylines as the twins, but there will also be new stories to play.

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Bethesda claims the game will be like a Saturday Morning Cartoon in a free-to-play mobile form. Sounds pretty snazzy: a new Keen for a new generation.

Dadmiral Keen has been kidnapped, and only twin geniuses Billie and Billy can save him! Commander Keen returns in an all-new mobile adventure from ZeniMax Online Studios. Utilize a zany collection of gadgets that blast, bounce, and baffle your enemies in the solo Story Mode, or go helmet-to-helmet against your fellow commanders in Battle Mode. It’s time to kick some asteroid!

Commander Keen will launch on Android and iOS next year. Pre-register here.

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