Comic Reader – Comic book reader for Windows Mobile

Graphic novel reading is one of the geekiest pursuits, so it just stands to reason Windows Mobile should support it. The latest Windows Mobile smartphones with large, high resolution screens like the HTC Touch HD just cries out for a good comic book reader, and Deisama on has answered the call by developing Comic Reader.

The app reads zip/cbz files, works full screen in portrait or landscape mode, pages advance by simply clicking the D-pad, and has smooth scrolling and high quality fit to screen mode that preserves legibility of zoomed text.

It even has a “manga” feature where the page will be centered on the right of the screen rather than the left when changing pages.

The application is still new and very unstable, but is under active development, and when it works it works rather well.

Keep an eye on the progress of the app and give it a try by following this XDA-Developer thread here.
See the application in action in this video below.