Color Blind? This free Chrome plugin may help


29, 2019

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Around 10% of men are color blind to some degree, which can make it difficult to read charts for example, such as this one regarding Cybertruck interest levels.

Fortunately, on computers we have full control over the presentation of colors, which means there are various ways of addressing the issue.

On Windows 10 there is a convenient color filter option in settings (Under Settings > Ease of Access > Color filters) which lets you adjust the filters to increase the contrast between different colors.  (Read more here)

If you are unable to change the settings on your PC or prefer not to change the presentation of colors on your whole PC, there is a free Google Chrome plugin (which will presumably also work on the new Edge) which will help you adjust color settings just for your browser.

The Dalton color blind chrome plugin provides a solution for people with various types of colour deficiency including those affected by Tritanopia (blue colour vision deficiency), Deuteranopia (green), Protanopia (red).  You can also do an online self-test at here.

The plugin includes a convenient settings panel which allows you to determine which kind of color blindness you have and adjust the settings to best address it.

It can also be toggled on and off easily.

Find the plugin for free from the Chrome Store here.

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