CNET confirms Windows Mobile 7 devices “before the end of the year”, ‘Zune phone’ to come earlier

We all know Windows Mobile 7 is coming, but a little confirmation from credible sources will never go amiss.

Ina Fried from CNET’s Beyond Binary column reports that sources told them that “Microsoft is still planning to finalize the code for Windows Mobile 7 by summer in order to have the new software on devices that ship before the end of the year.”

They also claim that a phone which connected to the Zune service and which was based on Windows Mobile was also due to arrive this year, and should come earlier in the year ahead of Windows Mobile 7 devices.

CNET’s claims are consistent with various rumours which claim a Zune-compatible phone, which may be branded by Microsoft and the result of work by the Pink team, would be coming in only a few months, and a different branch which would be the actual Windows Mobile used and branded by other OEM’s.

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