CLEAR announces partnership with Microsoft for Azure Active Directory for Verifiable Credentials

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CLEAR recently announced its partnership with Microsoft for the rollout of Azure Active Directory (AD) verifiable credentials that enables users to confirm information about themselves with organizations while limiting what is shared. With this integration, participating CLEAR members can use their CLEAR identity in even more places.

  • Azure AD verified credentials will allow enterprises and organizations to verify specific information about an individual without storing or collecting more information than needed – empowering users with greater control over how they share personal data.
  • This collaboration will enable participating CLEAR members to securely verify and share digital credentials verified by CLEAR with Microsoft enabled partners.

“At CLEAR, we have the foundational belief that you are always you, and your personal information is yours,” said Caryn Seidman-Becker, CLEAR CEO. “We are excited to work together with Microsoft and shape the future of digital identity while simultaneously protecting privacy and security.”

“The ability to verify a user’s credentials without putting their security at risk is paramount,” said Sue Bohn, vice president, Identity and Network Access division at Microsoft. “We’re pleased to partner with CLEAR in their efforts to protect individual privacy for personal data while enabling faster and safer entry in even more places.”

Source: Microsoft