Reverse Engineer find code for City Street level Autopilot in Tesla firmware


29, 2019

In February Tesla promised that Autopilot for city streets was coming before the end of the year. At present Autopilot is only designed for motorways, though of course Musk has been promising to deliver Full Self-Driving at some point in the near future.

Now popular Tesla reverse engineer Green has found evidence of the feature in development in Tesla firmware

He found the “CityStreetsBehavior” code is “all new”, suggesting city street level autopilot is currently under active development.

The arrival of city street level autopilot may allow cars to drive from door to door without any need to take control of the car, the first step to full self-driving without any driver supervision at all.

Tesla has been promising (and selling) Full Self-Driving for some time, and with the delivery of their Smart Summons function has cashed in some of the funds it has been accumulating from drivers who have paid for the Full Self-Driving package. Elon Musk has said the FSD is feature-complete and may be available via Early Access to some drivers by the end of the year.

Elon Musk is, of course, famous for his flexible timelines, so the feature may not quite arrive on time, but the presence of the code suggests it may hit the Tesla fleet sooner rather than later.

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