Citrix ready to bring Google Chrome to Windows 10 S users

by Surur
May 28, 2017

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Windows 10 S is expected to offer a safer and more stable computing experience to Windows users, at the expense of access to powerful and popular applications such as Google’s Chrome browser.

Now, at the recent Citrix Synergy event held in Orlando, Fla, the company has announced a new Citrix Receiver app for Windows which they say¬†“opens the door for the Win 32 apps to run on Windows 10 S.”

The Windows Store app can enable organisations running Windows 10 S to use specific Win32 apps or environments that are not likely to find their way into the Windows Store, such as Google’s Chrome browser, noted Borkar.

Citrix Receiver connects to XenApp and XenDesktop, where you can leverage TLS 1.2 or lower. There is also an option of using SecureICA encryption for the connection if you are running an older version of XenApp.

Due to being a UWP app the service would also work on UWP-only devices such as Windows Phone, HoloLens and Surface Hub and supports Continuum for Phones. It also offers full support for touch, pinch and zoom and drag and drop.

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Citrix Receiver for Windows can be found in the Windows Store here.

Citrix Workspace
Citrix Workspace
Developer: Citrix
Price: Free
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