The new Chromium Edge(Stable) finally gets access to all the tabs that you’ve set aside in the classic Edge

by Rahul
November 11, 2019

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“Set tabs aside” feature in the classic Edge browser lets users set tabs aside and start anew. The feature is helpful for those who deal with gajillion of tabs, but now that Microsoft is ready to replace the classic Edge browser with the new Chromium Edge, the “Set tabs aside” will no longer be there to help you.

Now the good news is you’ll be able to access all the tabs that you’ve set aside in the Classic Edge and you’ll be able to access them by going to the Favorites folder of the Chromium Edge(Stable) browser. If you want to switch to the new Edge, this feature will help you in making a smooth transition from the Classic Edge to the new Chromium-based Edge browser.

For those uninformed, the new Edge too, has something similar to the “Set tabs aside.” The Collections feature in the new Edge is equally good, if not better than the classic Edge offers. For those uninformed, the Collections feature in the new Edge allows users to collect, organize, share and export content more efficiently and with Office integration.

To access the tabs that you’ve set aside in the classic Edge, all you have to do is right-click on a tab and at the bottom of the context menu you’ll find an option called “Find tabs you’ve set aside in “Favourites”,” clicking on which will take you to the Favourites page and from there you’ll be able to launch or delete any tab you want.

via Techdows

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