Chromebooks are getting lockscreen media controls just like Windows and Android


5, 2019

Pic Credit: Chrome Unboxed

How often do you look at your desktop lockscreen before whizzing past it to get into your desktop and do stuff? Desktop software makers are putting notifications on lock-screens, apparently, because they think we spend more time on there than we do.

Google has joined on that with new Chrome OS features aimed at making the lockscreen more fleshed out. Now users will be able to make use of media controls while on the lockscreen, allowing them to change or pause audio without having to fully unlock their devices. It’s a change that’s reminiscent of Android and iOS.

An easy explanation for this is Microsoft and Google’s operating systems both service laptops, desktops and tablets and have to make accommodations for all form-factors. On the other hand, both Microsoft and Google are dead in the tablet market. Apple reigns there, but its more a one-eyed-king in the land of the blind status than anything genuinely innovative, iPad OS notwithstanding.

The Chrome OS media controls are still in canary and locked behind a few flags, so it’ll be a while before we see them actually roll out.

Source: ChromeUnboxed

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