Chrome will soon support this under-used Windows feature

by Surur
January 24, 2019

Google has been slowly adding support for native Windows 10 features, making their browser feel more at home on the platform.

We have recently seen support for native Windows 10 notifications and support for the Windows 10 Dark Theme is coming. The latest feature added to Chrome 73, is support for the Media Session API in Windows and Chrome OS.

Chrome Engineer Becca Hughes revealed the change on, saying:

“Hi everyone, We are intending to enable Media Session API on desktop from M73 onwards. We are enabling as it as we are building new features in Chromium that will use API (.e.g. hardware media keys). This was previously enabled on Chrome andriod and the API has not changed”.

In theory, this would allow users to control YouTube, for example, using the hardware keys on some keyboards, and likely also the Windows 10 pop-up media bar. Ironically the API is not available on Edge, making Chrome a better Windows 10 citizen, though of course Edge will get this for free when it switches its rendering engine to Chromium.


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