Chicken Zooma – a fresh remake of the popular classic Zuma game.

Chicken Zooma is not the typical Zuma game that one would expect to see.

Starting from the graphics it is clear that the creators have tried to achieve a funny and modern look.The game offers colorful scenes, funny characters, cartoon styled animations and sounds which grab the players’ attention right from the start.

Gameplay is another area where Chicken Zooma has distinctive improvements from its classic predecessors. The goal remains the same – do not allow the chain of eggs to reach their final destination by cleaning common items, but the execution is a bit different. The most notable difference is the ability to change the direction of the flying item multiple times by taping on the screen(see the video). This feature adds more options and control to the gameplay for the player, but can also lead to unexpected results when used wrongly.

Another game specific feature is that the gaps created in the chain are always closed after items are cleared. Though this may not sound like a significant difference from other versions of Zuma, it has a big influence on the agility of the gameplay making it more dynamic with items moving backward and forward.

The distinctive gameplay puts Chicken Zooma closer to the action games, but preserves its typical puzzle character.

The game is divided into thematic episodes and each one offers a variety of levels. The player can select between three difficulty levels, where the main difference is the speed of the moving chain of eggs.

Current version comes with one episode which takes place in a farm and a hint for an upcoming second episode, which will bring the action into a forest. The first episode has a total of 18 levels and each one can be played in all three difficulties.

Chicken Zooma is available for all Windows Phone devices regardless of the OS version or hardware specifications. The game costs 1.99$ with a trial version which unlocks the first four levels for all difficulties.

Overall Chicken Zooma is a really cool remake of an old classic. It offers attractive graphics and addictive gameplay across all Windows Phone devices at reasonable price. The team behind the game promises regular updates with new content and distinctive features.

You can download it from here or scan the QR code directly from your phone:

See more screen shots after the break.

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