Check Out This Amazing Holographic Presentation Room Powered By Microsoft And DVE

Digital Video Enterprises (DVE) today revealed their Immersion Room product which is a Holographic Presentation Room for the enterprises. It offers the next generation of collaboration over video. You can see Microsoft bring projected in the air and people can even interact with it. They are making use of Lync, Kinect and DVE’s patented technology to offer this kind of experience. Immersion Room is just one of the many solutions that DVE is offering on Lync, there are several other impressive solutions as well. Watch the video above, you will be amazed.

Read the full press release below.

Press Release:

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 14, 2014 — /PRNewswire/ — Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. (DVE) announced today it has launched the DVE Immersion Room, the first-of-its kind Holographic Presentation Room, powered by Microsoft®.  Microsoft Windows® is now seen floating in the middle of the room and people are able to interact with video objects suspended in mid-air.  Other apps, such as PowerPoint® and Lync®, are now functioning in augmented reality mode with 3D objects filling the expanse of the room with no bulky glasses to wear.  Microsoft Kinect® enables Minority Report-like interaction combined with DVE’s patented holographic environment.  The total solution is now being offered for a new generation of executive briefing centers, boardrooms, telepresence suites, and collaboration environments.

DVE has also created a new generation of real telepresence, that delivers true eye contact to conference rooms and desktop systems, and is driven by the Lync desktop client.  This revolutionary concept eliminates the need for legacy videoconference and telepresence systems without forcing a change in underlying network infrastructureWhen combined with DVE’s patented technology, Lync delivers HD images of life-size people sitting across the table.

The DVE telepresence solution solves the eye contact problem that vexes the rest of the industry.  With our patented process of mounting the camera behind and aimed through the LED image, DVE delivers what telepresence customers have been searching for- perfect eye contact and a real communication experience.  According to Jeff Machtig, Co-Founder of DVE, ” We have predicted that software based conferencing will transform enterprise communication and now we are able to power the best telepresence experience in the world from a Windows PC, notebook, and even a Surface Pro tablet.”

DVE is currently conducting demonstrations of all its products for clients around the globe at DVE’s showrooms.  The DVE Silhouette™ for the desktop conceals a camera behind the screen image, enabling perfect eye contact.  No more looking down while conferencing.  DVE’s Huddle Room 70™ for business meeting rooms creates the true sensation of people sitting just on the other side of the table with perfect eye contact.  The DVE Immersion Room™ creates amazing life-size holographic people walking about the room and has won the Frost and Sullivan Product of the Year Award.  The room fully incorporates Microsoft Windows and has tiles floating in open air and controlled by Kinect.

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