Cheap Photoshop alternative Paint.NET to get Dark Theme support soon

by Surur
December 17, 2017

After months of waiting, Paint.NET recently became available from the Microsoft Store. Paint.NET is image and photo editing application for PCs. It features an intuitive user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins.

Paint.NET’s Microsoft Store app is almost exactly like the classic Win32 version of the app, meaning that all the features you can get on the classic version of the app are available from the Microsoft Store version. The app also supports all the third-party plugins.

On their blog, the developer has posted some details about the coming update to the app which will take it to version 4.0.20.

Besides the usual bug fixes, most of the changes appear to be to the UI and appearance of the app. Firstly the developer will be improving high-DP I support, especially 200%+ scaling.

He writes:

The layout in Paint.NET is generally pretty good about accommodating high DPI, but there’s still some areas that are scrunched up in ways that reduce usability (like the toolbar!). Outlines for highlighting selected items like menus, images, and layers are also being improved so they scale with DPI. And there are some UI surfaces that are just totally broken, like the dialog box for saving a palette, and parts of the Levels adjustment dialog.

He has also worked on support for the Dark Theme in Windows 10 (illustrated in the screenshot above). The feature will follow the OS settings for light and dark theme on Windows 10, and will also be available for Windows 7 users using Aero.

Lastly, the app will provide thumbnails for TGA and DDS file types via a shell extension.

You can get the app, which is currently discounted 50%, at the link below.
Developer: dotPDN LLC
Price: 9,99 €

Via: WindowsLatest

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