Can Zune on WP7 replace your MP3 player?



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If you’re looking to replace your current MP3 player, you may have thought of just buying a Windows Phone 7 and killing two birds with one stone.  The Zune feature on WP7 is nearly* as good as a Zune HD device.  Ultimately, though, it comes down to your personal preferences:

Do you wish your MP3 player could also make phone calls, check email, and socially network?

Buy a Windows Phone 7.

Do you use your MP3 player while working out?

Buy an MP3 player; WP7 is probably too big and heavy for exercising.

Do you want speakers built into your MP3 player?

Buy a Windows Phone 7.

Do you listen to your MP3 player all day?

Buy an MP3 player; the last thing you want is to be unable to make a phone call because you killed your battery listening to John Tesh’s Greatest Hits on repeat.

Do you want less clutter in your life?

Buy a Windows Phone 7.

Do you want the ability to add content to your MP3 player over 3G?

Buy a Windows Phone 7.

Do you like new, shiny toys?

Buy a Windows Phone 7.

Personally, I’m not planning on ditching my Zune HD any time soon.  It’s still a really good MP3 player, the battery life is great, and I like how lightweight it is.  For those of you still using your first generation Zunes, I can see WP7 being a smart investment.

*Currently, Zune on WP7 is missing the Smart DJ feature, HD radio, and the ability to tag songs on the radio for purchase.  There are rumors that a future update will remedy some of these issues.

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