Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is crashing Xbox One X consoles


25, 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare officially launched today, October 25th, and is seemingly off to a rocky start, with many Xbox One users reporting that the game is hard crashing their consoles.

In a thread crossposted to r/XboxOne from r/modernwarfare, multiple gamers are reporting that Modern Warfare is causing their Xbox One X consoles to hard crash.

The issue appears to be limited to just Xbox One X consoles, so those using another Xbox One console or on another platform entirely should be safe.

u/StrangerInPorto commented that they couldn’t quite pinpoint just what was causing the crashes, but putting their Xbox in Energy Saving Mode apparently worked as a temporary fix.

Infinity Ward says that it’s aware of the crashes and is already working on a permanent fix. There’s no ETA for the fix, so players will just have to sit tight for now.

A “hard crash” in this instance is where the game freezes completely and, upon trying to quit, the Xbox itself gives up and simply turns off. Hard crashes can also freeze consoles to the point where menus can’t even be opened, which necessitates a manual shut down of the console.

This isn’t the first time Xbox One X consoles have had issues with games. Borderlands 3 players reported multiple accounts of the game causing their consoles to freeze, crash, and even completely brick one user’s console.

If you’re playing Modern Warfare and experiencing hard crashing on your console, we recommend for now that you unplug your console, ensure it’s in a well ventilated area and free of dust and debris, and play something else while Infinity Ward work on a fix.

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