Calculator² released for Windows Phone


23, 2012

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Calculator², released last week, is an innovative new calculator exclusively for Windows Phone. The app includes 5 unique calculators: Basic, Scientific, Programmer, Currency Converter, and Unit Converter.

Designed and built by a Physics PhD student at the University of Oxford, Calculator² incorporates the WP7 Metro UI and features large buttons so that calculations can be input quickly without errors. Easy to access menus then ensure scientific functions, constants, memory items, and more are only one click away. All calculations are shown in the display exactly as typed, even when equals is pressed, so that the user can verify they have been input correctly. The last 50 calculations are stored in the history with the option of using a result in the future. An innovative memory solution allows multiple memory items to be stored and viewed simultaneously, with statistical functions for calculating the mean, variance, etc. The Currency and Unit Converters ensure that this is more than just a mathematical tool, and is great for everyday use beyond educational and work-related tasks.


  • live tiles for each calculator showing the history or latest exchange rates;
  • over 50 scientific functions;
  • 125 mathematical and physical constants;
  • statistical functions for memory values;
  • over 150 World currencies;
  • over 200 units for conversions across 17 categories;
  • searchable constants, currency, and units lists;
  • customisable tax buttons;
  • customisable button layout;
  • Auto, Fixed point, Scientific, and Engineering display formats with choice of digit grouping;
  • enable or disable operator precedence;
  • copy/paste;
  • support for both light and dark themes, and use of the accent colour;
  • background task to automatically update the exchange rate information and Currency Converter live tile;
  • 64, 32, 16 and 8 bit word lengths for the Programmer Calculator, including signed or unsigned integers; and
  • local region support for displaying numbers.
Calculator² is available for only £1.49 in the UK, $1.99 in the US, and 1,99 € across Europe (equivalent prices in other regions).
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