Build 2016: Microsoft announce 1.2 billion Office users, 340 million mobile downloads

by Surur
March 31, 2016

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microsoft numbers

If you thought Microsoft was going away due to their failure with Windows Phone, the has released some numbers at BUILD 2016 today to make you think again.

At the event Microsoft, a productivity focussed company, announced that they have 1.2 billion Office users who on average spend 3-4 hours per day using their suite.

And if you thought these are only legacy desktop users, Microsoft also announced 340 million downloads of Office Mobile on iOS and Android.

Microsoft’s cloud services also continue to grow, with 50,000 new small businesses signing up for Office 365 each month and 85% of Fortune 500 companies using their Cloud offerings.

Under Satya Nadella Microsoft made a very strong pivot toward becoming an extremely cloud platform. The move has recieved much appreciation from analysts, if not from Microsoft’s phone and desktop users, leading to Microsoft’s share price.

Microsoft is expected to spend much of today elaborating more on their latest cloud technology and services.

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