You can now broadcast live to Facebook from Messenger Rooms

July 23, 2020

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Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook today announced a new way for broadcasting on Facebook. You can now turn any Messenger rooms into a Facebook Live broadcast. This makes it easy for consumers to go live with up to 50 people.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a room that can go live right from Facebook or Messenger web, and invite anyone to join, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.
  • As a room creator, you can broadcast your room to a Profile, Page or Group, and invite people to tune in.
  • The room creator controls the live broadcast, including where the room is shared on Facebook, who can view the broadcast and who’s invited to participate.
  • All the room participants will receive a notification inviting them to join the live broadcast and will have to opt in to participate. They can also choose to leave the room before it goes live.
  • The room creator can add or remove participants from the live broadcast at any time and room participants can leave the live broadcast at any time. Room creators can also lock and unlock a room during the live broadcast.

This new live broadcast feature is rolling out in some countries on Facebook and Messenger web starting today, and will soon expand to all countries where Messenger Rooms is available as well as to the Facebook and Messenger mobile app and Messenger desktop app.

Source: Facebook

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