Bomaker WiFi Mini Projector: 59% Discount on Walmart!

February 19, 2022

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Bomaker WiFi Mini Projector wireless mirroring
Bomaker WiFi Mini Projector

Watching movies on television is convenient. Cinemas are fun. You can have all those experiences with a mini projector. So, here is Bomaker WiFi mini projector with an enormous 59% discount at Walmart!

Portable projectors are on fire right now, and the Bomaker WiFi Mini might be the cheapest model you could get on the market. It provides a native 480p resolution and a latency below 35 ms, which are decent enough for a very inexpensive small projector. The display screen it can produce can range from 45 up to 100 inches. On blank white walls or screens, images appear like 720p in the naked eye. The quality of the pictures is even made better with the projector’s self-developed precise Fresnel lens. It projects light and stunning colors evenly in images, without color decay over time.

Further, the Bomaker WiFi Mini has a built-in speaker, making it handier for anyone. This means fewer preparations for your movie night, no cables, and more time to enjoy. Nonetheless, the unit accepts extra speakers or headphones via Bluetooth transmitter for a robust sound system.

On the other hand, connecting to Bomaker WiFi Mini is definitely effortless on so many levels. Thanks to its WiFi chipset, there are no more cables connection troubles. The projector allows wireless screen mirroring, and it has an antenna with latency below 35 ms to adequately reduce video buffering. Yet, you still have the option for wired connectivity if you want a more flawless and secured connection. You can synchronize your Android and iOS smartphones via USB cable: no extra HDMI adapter is needed. It also has ports for an SD card, HDMI cable, VGA, and AV, making it versatile for your needs. Plus, it is compatible with Android phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, TV boxes, USB flash drives, SD cards, DVD players, and other devices!

Moreover, what makes Bomaker WiFi Mini a practical choice is its size. It is small and less than 3 pounds. That being said, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities like camping, traveling, drive-in movies. It can also be an ideal personal device in your bedroom or RV.

Lastly, it is packed with features that can help it last a long time. It has an advanced LCD Panel and lens that can reach up to 10 years. Meanwhile, the Nidec oil-bearing fans and cooling system prevent black spots and a burned lens.

For more information about Bomaker WiFi Mini projector, click here.

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