Blurry Google Nexus One not really WVGA



Author Surur // in News


It seems Google, the worlds biggest online advertising network, is in fact engaging is a bit of false advertising itself.

It turns out their Google Nexus One smartphone, which Google specifically mentions has an 800×480 resolution, is in fact much lower resolution than that.

When the pixels are actually counted the 3.7 inch screen only has 392×653 pixels, nearly 50% less than 800×480, resulting an text describes as blurry on closer view and also colour fringing on the edges of coloured objects.

The cause of this issue is Google trying to get away with sub-pixel rendering similar to Cleartype on the AMOLED screen using a rarely used PenTile pixel pattern. As mentioned earlier, while this serves the colours very well, black and white text are particularly poorly served by this sleight of hand.

Very long time Windows Mobile users may remember when HP was forces to recall their first Jornada 548 PDA after selling the 12 bit screen as 16 bit.  Particularly troubling is that the Nexus One is only sold online, meaning buyers will now be able to check the device before purchase. One wonders if Google will also be forced to recall their flagship handset due to similarly misleading buyers.

Is Google being dishonest by trying to get away with a cheaper, lower resolution screen? Tell us your opinion below.

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