Blackberry Z10’s camera “an abject and miserable failure”


Blackberry is banking on their new Blackberry Z10 handset to save the company. Unfortunately as Gizmodo found, the camera fails on one important aspect – the camera sucks.

They write:

The Z10 didn’t even hold the dimmest, most-pathetic light to the other cameras in our test. Look at that photo above on the left. It is an abject and miserable failure. Because this is a particularly difficult shooting setting, all of the photos have problems with noise, distortion, and detail, but we’ve haven’t seen something so crummy as the Z10 in a long time. The Z10 even has a "night" setting that was completely useless. This is some four-years-ago crap.

As can be seen in the test scene from Gizmodo below, and the collage by Crackberry above, there is one camera which consistently does very well, and that is  the Nokia Lumia 920.

BBz10 photo

With Blackberry’s consumer focus one would have thought they would have gotten this one detail at least slightly right. One wonders what else they messed up…

Via WPC.