Blackberry confirms it has no plans to bring BBM to Windows Phone

by Surur
January 17, 2014

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imageBlackberry, who clearly has a knack for making friends, has confirmed it has no current interest or plans to bring their BBM app to Windows Phone, citing the size of the Windows Phone market.

"[The lack of a BBM Windows Phone app] is entirely market-driven," BlackBerry’s senior director of BBM business development David Proulx told TrustedReviews.
"Our initial launch on iOS and Android was a function of the prevalence of those platforms."

He did however say Blackberry was willing to support any sizable platform.

"As other platforms emerge, whichever they may be, we will execute on those platforms as well. It is not a statement of intent, and it’s not a strategic or religious thing, it’s just a function of when does it make sense and when is it something that consumers demand in sufficient numbers to make it worth our while and worth their while."

Given that the Windows Phone installed base is likely to exceed the rapidly dropping Blackberry subscriber base this year, we wonder where exactly the inflection point will be when BBM will bring their one remaining asset to our platform.


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